Do I have to sign up to enter?
Answer: Yes, to enter our competitions you must be a registered member.

Are my payment details safe?
Answer: We do not store any card details, all payments are managed through Paypal.

Are my personal details given to third parties?
Answer: Privacy is key at 1Prize, we do not share any member’s details with any third party company.

How many tickets are required per entry?
Answer: A ticket equates to £1, the number of tickets per entry will vary dependant on the prize.

Once the competition has sold out, when is the draw made?
Answer: Once the competition is closed or sold out, the draw shall take place within 48 hours.

Will I be notified when the draw is to take place?
Answer: All upcoming draws will be published on our social media channels prior to the event taking place.

How long will it take to receive my prize?
Answer: The winning participant will receive their prize within 28 days of the draw being made.

How is the competition drawn?
Answer: The competition is drawn using a random number picker which comprises of a complex algorithm.

How can I claim my prize?
Answer: As the winning participant of a competition, you will be contacted by 1Prize. The member’s registered details will be used to receive the prize. All members are advised to keep their registered details up to date.

What happens if the competition doesn’t sell out, will it be drawn?
Answer: If the competition doesn’t sell out within the allotted time, 80% of the total value of entries sold at the point of the competition closing will be drawn.

What do I do if I discover a fault with my product?
Answer: If there is a fault with a prize product, please contact the manufacturer. All prizes are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Can I cancel once I have entered?
Answer: Once a member has entered a competition, it is not possible to cancel. No refunds will be given.

How long will the competition be open for without being sold out?
Answer: Each competition will have a time limit of 12 weeks after it is added to the site.

How many winners are there in one competition?
Answer: For each competition there can only be one winner.

How and when will I know my number(s) for a competition?
Answer: Numbers are randomly assigned at the point of competition entry, displayed under the heading “Your ticket number(s)”. Numbers for all competitions can be viewed at any time by going to your account and clicking “PRIZES ENTERED”.

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